Self – Love

So, if you’re like me you’ve been staying home this past year more often then normal… for me I got a new work schedule due to COVID and let me tell you it was super easy for me to slip into some unhealthy habits… I had good intentions, I made To do lists, also made several plans to get organize even invested on a agenda planner to keep me on track, but I would find myself sitting on the couch with my phone and scrolling through apps or looking at the news, that just got me so much more anxiety seeing all the devastating news, that needed to stop.

I decided to try and start something new every week… this week was to start my blog again, which I did! Yayyy… I realize how much I missed it… I publish the post that I started back in 2019 when my mother was ill, she passed a month later and I couldn’t bare myself to do anything, then Covid hit and that just piled on to my depression and anxiety along with being in constant worry for my family, I was a mess…

So, it took me a while but I know now, we need to be a little selfish sometimes and take care of ourselves first, we need to love ourselves, so we can be here and enjoy the time we spend with the people around us, be grateful for everything we have and don’t waste precious time, we need to appreciate and enjoy every single moment we have here. Learn to see the beauty in everything and always remember your blessings 💕