Minimal Beauty

For me beauty begins from within, how you feel inside the way you take care of yourself this completely reflects on your face with a radiance glow, self love and confidence.  Having good energy is key to happiness, studies have shown that when you feel energetic you feel much better about yourself.

I’ve always believe that makeup is to enhance the individual beauty not to hide it and cover it up…

Too much makeup will only look caked on and will covers your pores, so the more we put on the harder it is for your skin to breathe. This only leads to skin irritation and breakouts.

Don’t get me wrong, I love all make-up just like any other woman, I just think in minimal and achieving the “No Makeup” makeup look is best, so you don’t cover your own beautiful radiance.

And don’t forget wash you face before bed, it’s so important… despite this, we’ve all been guilty of sleeping with a full face of makeup at one time or another staying up too late or having one too many that you don’t remember… all you see is your comfy bed.   So as soon as you wake up rescue your skin and use a gentle cleanser to completely remove your makeup and follow with your normal skincare routine, and promise yourself you will never do it again…

With love 💕 everything is possible.